Viprogra Review: Unknown Brand to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Men

  • Brand: Viprogra
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Vipro Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.
  • Country of Manufacture: India
Viprogra Blister
Viprogra Blister


Review and Description

Viprogra treats impotence, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It is Viagra analog containing sildenafil as an active component. Sildenafil works by increasing the blood flow in the male penis; it does so by relaxing the blood vessels in the soft spongy penile tissues. Sildenafil is classified as phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, an enzyme which is blocked by sildenafil, resulting in an improved erection.

Viprogra is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceuticals lab called Vipro Lifescience. It is a company that makes many products to treat male erection problems, and products to treat various other ailments. The company also manufactures a large number of natural products.

Vipro Lifescience is not a big manufacturer. As per company’s website, its facilities are approved by Indian FDA and are WHO GMP approved. It is not a company of repute in India; there are no means to verify the claims made by the firm on its website. In fact, it is hard to say even if the company has manufacturing facilities at all nor not, as companies of such scale mostly outsource the manufacturing.

Whatever be the quality of manufacturing, but one thing is sure that company does offer the wide range of products to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Viprogra is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. It is available in all possible drug forms for the comfort of the patient, be it tablets, capsules, jelly sachets, chewable tablets or sublingual tabs, they have it all. The company also makes analogs of Cialis, which can be useful for those failing to get the result by sildenafil.

Customer Reviews

It is not a popular product. The company is new and still has to prove its worth to the users. Viprogra is not in much demand. Thus the online reviews are absent. Considering the factors like low repute and small size of manufacturer, and very little consumer experience, we can confidently say that it is still not a product one should think about giving a try. There are many such small companies from the Indian subcontinent who make products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but often there is no way to verify the quality of their products. In fact, the various claims that they make on the website does not seem to be correct. Thus it is a good idea not to buy a product from such company.

Pricing and Dosage

Generics like Viprogra are purchased as they are much cheaper when compared to original Viagra. Viprogra is moderately priced for an unknown generic brand: if you buy 100 tabs of 100 mg, it will cost you 1 USD for a single tab. That could neither be called expensive nor the cheapest variant. There are huge discounts of up to 70% on the order of 1000 tabs, but that quantity may be too large for a single order for most of the individual buyers. Especially because no more than one tablet a day is needed, and 100 mg is usually regarded the maximum dose, until or unless the doctor has recommended a higher dose. Most men can expect good erection by taking the single 100 mg tab about an hour before the sex.

Viprogra Pricing
Viprogra Pricing

How to Buy Viprogra Online

Availability of this product is scarce, very few websites are offering this product. Some websites may show the availability of product, though this particular brand may not be available to them, and they would usually offer another alternative to it. Even if you find this product on the certain website, there is no guarantee that it will be shipped to your location or final shipment would contain exactly this product and not something else you did not order.

How to Use

Viprogra quite like any other sildenafil brand is easy to use, mostly requiring just one 100 mg tab to be taken approximately an hour before the sexual act. Viprogra is available in various drug forms like capsules, chewable tablets, and sublingual tablets, but whatever the drug form, dosage remains the same. If the product does not help, do not repeat the dose on the same day, but rather wait and take medicine on next day.

Side Effects

There is lots of information on the net about various side effects of Viagra-like drugs, but most information is bloated. Any FDA approved drug is tested for long-term safety in humans, and only drugs with rare and tolerable side effects are approved. It is true for sildenafil too, a well-tolerated drug, that may sometimes give a headache, facial flushing or nasal congestion. Most of these side effects are transitory.

Viprogra is contraindicated if a person is on nitrates (and anti-angina cardiac drug). If taken with nitrates it may cause fatal fall in blood pressure.


Viprogra is the drug containing sildenafil. At first sight, there seem to be many good things about the product. It comes in all the needed doses, starting from 25 mg to the maximum of 100 mg. Moreover, there is the choice of various drug forms; it is available as tablets, jelly sachets, sublingual tablets, chewable tablets. After looking at the choice, it does look to be a perfect product, giving all the possible options.

However, in drugs, it is the international approvals and reputation of a manufacturer that is much more important. It is where Viprogra does not get good marks. The product of little-known Indian company, with no name in the international market. There is no way by which we could have confidence in the products of this company. Consumer views are almost lacking on the net. The product is available only in very few pharmacies.

Thus, I would award this product 2 stars out of 5, meaning, you should avoid it. There are hundreds of better-reviewed products, which are even better priced than Viprogra. It is also strongly recommended to consult a doctor before starting the therapy with sildenafil-containing brands just to make sure that it is the solution that will be safe and work for you.

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